Binbit Formalizes Mobile Entertainment Operations in Southeast Europe

Monterrey, Mexico and Belgrade, Serbia – December 23, 2013 – Binbit, one of the most important distributors of mobile entertainment in the world, officially announced the opening of its new office in Belgrade, Serbia, to coordinate its commercial promotions across Southeast Europe, strengthening the operations in Poland and Russia where already has offices.

“Binbit arrives to Serbia in a special moment because in recent years the major telecom carriers have grown and strengthened their networks, this has encouraged greater competition, which in turn has led to a decline in prices and increased the use of data via mobile” said Antoni Muntaner, Chairman for Binbit Group.

“The conjunction of these factors”, he added, “has triggered the demand for content, which we consider very favorable to Binbit, since the company has a great catalogue of entertainment content.”

“Binbit is always in search of exciting opportunities to provide the best quality content adapted to local growing markets. Therefore our move to set up operations in the region with the leadership of Mr. Nenad Maksimovic as regional manager, based in Belgrade, Serbia” concluded Muntaner.

Just in the past July, Binbit increased alliances with mobile operators around the world growing its network from 64 to 77 telecoms, increasing the mobile users’ universe to which it can offer its services from 750 million to 839 million worldwide; in total 9 carriers in the Middle East, and four more in Poland were added as strategic partners.